Tuesday 27 March 2018

A Thousand and One Erotic Nights (1982)

Also Known As

Scheherazade: One Thousand and One Erotic Nights




Edwin Durrell (as Stephen Lucas)



Annette Haven
Heather Fields [LezOnly]
Jade Wong [LezOnly]
Laura Lazare [Facial]
Lisa De Leeuw (Credited:Lisa DeLeeuw)[Facial]
Lysa Thatcher [BJOnly Facial]
Mai Lin
Nicole Black
Phaery I. Burd (Credited:Tres Dover)[LezOnly]
Tigr [BJOnly Facial]

NonSex Performers



Hershel Savage
Joey Silvera (Credited:Joey Civera)
John Leslie
Jon Martin
Paul Thomas

NonSex Performers

Danny Daniels
David Clark (Credited: David R. Clark)
Jim Malibu
Robert Tavares Jr.

Scene Breakdown

Scene 1. Lisa De Leeuw, Herschel Savage, Joey Silvera
Scene 2. Annette Haven, Phaery I. Burd
Scene 3. Nicole Black, Jon Martin
Scene 4. Lysa Thatcher, Tigr, Jon Martin
Scene 5. Mai Lin, Paul Thomas
Scene 6. Heather Fields, Jade Wong, Phaery I. Burd
Scene 7. Laura Lazare, Paul Thomas
Scene 8. Annette Haven, John Leslie

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