Monday 26 February 2018

Diana Holt


Cris Cassidy

Billy Dee

Phaery I Burd

Dorothy LeMay

Diana Holt

Jesie St James

Suzanne French

Blondes Have More Fun (1979)




John Seeman


Cris Cassidy [Facial]
Diana Holt
Dorothy Lemay (Credited: Dorothy Lemax)
Jesie St. James (Credited: Jessie St. James)
Lisa K. Loring (Credited: Lisa Kamala Loring) [LezOnly]
Lynn Lucas [LezOnly]
Lysa Thatcher [LezOnly]
Phaery I. Burd (Credited: Phaery Burd)
Suzanne French (Credited: Suzana French) [Facial IR]
Jayne Paygan (Credited: Teena M. Valko)

NonSex Performers

Amber Rae


Billy Dee
Fable And Uno
Herschel Savage (Credited: Gerald Graystone)
Jack Wright
John Leslie
Ken Scudder (Credited: Ken Jackson)
Mick South

NonSex Performers

Jesse Collins
John Seeman
Max Devoe (Credited: Max Devo)

Scene Breakdowns

Scene 1. Jesie St. James, Mick South
Scene 2. Suzanne French
Scene 3. girl, John Leslie
Scene 4. Phaery I. Burd, Fable And Uno
Scene 5. Jesie St. James, Mick South
Scene 6. Cris Cassidy, guy
Scene 7. 2 girls, John Leslie
Scene 8. Suzanne French, Billy Dee
Scene 9. Lisa K. Loring, Lynn Lucas, Lysa Thatcher
Scene 10. Anubodh, Gayano
Scene 11. Jayne Paygan, guy
Scene 12. Diana Holt, Herschel Savage
Scene 13. Seka, John Leslie
Scene 14. Anubodh, Dorothy Lemay, Lisa K. Loring, Lynn Lucas, Lysa Thatcher, Jayne Paygan, Gayano, Ken Scudder

Monday 19 February 2018

Hillary Summers

Connie Peterson

Ron Jeremy and Crystal Dawn

Ron Jeremy

Pat Manning

Lorelei Winston

Crystal Dawn

Lisa De Leeuw and Pepper Hinds

Linda Johnson

Connie Peterson

Crystal Dawn

Gazella Sheldon

Jennifer West

John Stagliano