Saturday 27 January 2018

The Girls In The Band (1976)




Andrea Scott


Toni Scott (Credited: Angie Dickens)
Abigail Clayton (Credited: Gail Wezke)
Valerie Franklin (Credited: JoAnne Akewell) [BJOnly]
Jodi Thorpe
Mei Ling Chan
Melba Bruce
Mimi Morgan [IR]
Nancy Perelmann
Spring Finley (Credited: Patricia Lucius)


Keith Erickson (Credited: Alan Malaprof)
Herbert Wong (Credited: Al Chan)
Bob Black
Jon Elder
John Holmes
Ken Scudder
Oscar Wild
Ray Wells

NonSex Performers

Barry Vane (Credited: Barry Kukler)

Scene Breakdowns

Scene 1. Oscar Wild
Scene 2. Spring Finley, Ken Scudder
Scene 3. Jodi Thorpe, guy
Scene 4. Melba Bruce, Spring Finley, Keith Erickson
Scene 5. brun, guy
Scene 6. Abigail Clayton, Spring Finley, John Holmes
Scene 7. Abigail Clayton, Mei Ling Chan, Melba Bruce, Spring Finley, Herbert Wong, Keith Erickson, John Holmes, others, Ray Wells
Scene 8. Nancy Perelmann
Scene 9. Nancy Perelmann, faceless guy
Scene 10. Toni Scott, Nancy Perelmann, Ken Scudder
Scene 11. Valerie Franklin, Oscar Wild
Scene 12. Mimi Morgan, Bob Black
Scene 13. blonde, Keith Erickson, Black guy

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