Saturday 28 October 2017

The Amazing Dr. Jekyll (1975)

Also Known As

Erotic Dr. Jeckyll
The Erotic Dr. Jekyll




Victor Milt (as Tim McCoy)


Igor (the perverse hunchback) introduces young Dr. Jeckyll to his grandfather's magic love potion #69. Now he's transformed into a cowboy stud! He fucks chicks left and right becoming an overnight media sensation. Appearing on the Dick Rabid show, he sings a rock-n-roll ballad and fucks Terri Hall in front of a live studio audience and then accepts an invitation to fornicate with a hundred virgin daughters in a great religious rite, if he fails his testicles will be terminated. The outcome is hilarious!


Bree Anthony (as Sue Rowan)
C.J. Laing (as C.V. Laing)
Candy Love (as Lisa Anderson) [IR]
Melva Jackson (as Melva) [IR]
Nancy Dare (as Susan Sparkles)
Renée Duval (as Edna Charles) [Facial]
Shirley Peters (as Susan Pomeroy) [IR]
Terri Hall (as Judy Holland)


Ecrea Mason
Harry Reems
Bobby Astyr

NonSex Performers

J.P. Paradine
Zebedy Colt

Scene Breakdown

Scene 1. C.J. Laing, Harry Reems
Scene 2. Elvira, Candy Love, Bobby Astyr, Harry Reems
Scene 3. Terri Hall, Harry Reems
Scene 4. Melva Jackson, Harry Reems
Scene 5. Shirley Peters, Harry Reems
Scene 6. Nancy Dare, Bobby Astyr
Scene 7. Terri Hall, Bobby Astyr
Scene 8. Melva Jackson, Harry Reems
Scene 9. Bree Anthony, Bobby Astyr
Scene 10. Terri Hall, Melva Jackson, Bree Anthony, Shirley Peters, Nancy Dare, Harry Reems
Scene 11. Renée Duval, Ecrea Mason

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