Tuesday 26 September 2017

Café Flesh (1982)




Stephen Sayadin (as Rinse Dream) and Mark S.Esposito (uncredited)


Jerry Stahl (as Herbert W. Day) and Stephen Sayadin (as Rinse Dream)


Angel Selby
Marie Sharp [Facial]
Becky Savage
Pia Snow
Sue Ravan
Terri Copeland
Kim Collier
Erica Nile

NonSex Performers

Tantala Ray (Credited: Darcy Nychols)


Kevin James (Credited: Kevin Jay)
Jeff Conner
D'Elliot Marcussi

NonSex Performers

Andrew Nichols
Richard Belzer
Robert Dennis
Pez D. Spencer
Paul McGibboney
Neil Poderecki
Joey Lennon
Dondi Bastone

Scene Breakdowns

Scene 1. Terri Copeland, Starbuck
Scene 2. Becky Savage, guy
Scene 3. 2 brun
Scene 4. Pia Snow
Scene 5. Marie Sharp, guy, Starbuck
Scene 6. Marie Sharp, Kevin James
Scene 7. Marie Sharp, Pia Snow
Scene 8. Pia Snow, Kevin James

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